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"New here with telescope"


New here with telescope Thomas, 2016-10-09

Dear reader,

I am new here on this forum, i live near Nyköping and looking for some advice on how to setup my telescope or someone how can show me at a meeting. I got it all functioning towards polaris but if i want to setup towards ecliptica.. how does that work.
Its interesting to be medlem of the NAK.

Best regards,


Re: New here with telescope Bengt-Erik Söderström, 2016-10-13

I do not know exactly what you mean by "ecliptic set-up".
In order to follow the movement of stars in the sky you have to compensate for the earth's rotation.
That you can do either with an equatorial mount where the scope is rotates around an axis pointed at the northern celectial pole (Polaris). The other type is Azimute/Altitude mounts where you have to move the scope both horizontally and vertically to follow a star.
There are scopes mounts where these adjustments are done manually, and there are others using motors. Best if you bring your scope to one of our meetings and everything will be clear to you

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